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Here's how it works

Step 1
Simply fill in all the fields to the right. Using the drop down tabs, indicate which athlete’s signature you are requesting as well as the type of the item to be signed. Make sure to include the location on the item you’d like signed as well as any personalized message you wish to have the athlete inscribe. Please note we must limit the maximum number of characters for inscriptions to 15.
Step 2
Click on the Browse button to upload an image of your item. Unfortunately, no items will be accepted without an accompanying image. Please note all images should be in JPEG or Bitmap format and under 1 MB in size.
Step 3
Click Submit. An automated request will be sent to a Panini Authentic representative who will review the item for inclusion on the next signing. If the request is approved, a verification e-mailed will be sent that will include a custom link to the check-out page where you can pay for your signed piece. This link will also include a customer identification number which accurately identifies your item when it arrives at Panini headquarters.
Step 4
Once payment is made, mail your personal item to Panini headquarters where it will be stored in our memorabilia vault prior to signing. Make sure to print the approval form which includes the customer identification number and place inside the shipment with the product. No items will be received without this approval form and customer reference number.
Step 5
Your item will then be included on the next signing where it will be autographed by the athlete, hologrammed, and recorded in the Panini Authentic authentication database. Once the signing has occurred an e-mail will be sent stating the product is signed. All items will be returned within 14 days of signing.

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