Peyton Manning SB50 Football - 2016 Panini Eternal Memorabilia Card #PE-PM1 - 1/1 – September 7

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Commemorate the Denver Broncos with a piece of game-used football from their Super Bowl 50 Championship game.
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Panini Eternal trading cards from Panini are about celebrating those sporting achievements that are etched in history…from celebrating past Championships to a player’s career like Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning to players being inducted into a Hall of Fame.  It’s those sporting moments that stand the test of time.  Panini Eternal is the latest on-demand trading card platform that offers trading cards to fans surrounding those achievements with cards featuring  memorabilia and/or autographs tied to those players.  Panini Eternal cards are only available for 48 hours after their initial posting.

The swatch contains the Denver Broncos Team Logo from a football used in Super Bowl 50.

2.5”x3.5” Trading Card.

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