Kobe Bryant Autographed Nike Kobe 1 Protro Shoes with "Black Mamba" Inscription ~Limited Edition to 8~

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The venomous Black Mamba is what Kobe Bryant felt perfectly described his game on the court. A lethal combination of agility and aggressiveness, the Black Mamba can strike at any moment and put down an opponent with ease. Kobe definitely has that killer instinct and there won't be another player like the Black Mamba for a long time to come. Take home this epic piece of Kobe Bryant's alter-ego with these autographed and inscribed shoes!

This autographed pair of shoes includes a Panini Authentic certificate of authenticity with a unique hologram number that corresponds to the hologram on the actual collectible. These holograms protect the integrity of the product and serve to guarantee the authenticity of the signature it bears.

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