Kobe Bryant Autographed Black Spalding Replica Basketball ~Open Edition Item~

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Kobe Bryant left fans in awe with his aggressive play, killer instinct, and the ability to control the game whenever he wanted to. He emulated the personality and ferocity of the Black Mamba and just like the venomous snake, Kobe could strike at any moment and bury the opposition with a combination of offensive and defensive skills. Even though Kobe is no longer out on the floor the legend of the Black Mamba lives forever in the eyes of Laker Nation. Take home a piece of Kobe Bryant's legacy with this autographed black Spalding replica basketball.

This autographed basketball includes a Panini Authentic certificate of authenticity with a unique hologram number that corresponds to the hologram on the actual collectible. These holograms protect the integrity of the product and serve to guarantee the authenticity of the signature it bears.

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