2018 Panini Classics NFL Trading Cards (Hobby)

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2018 Panini Classics NFL Trading Cards come with 10 cards per pack and 14 packs per box.

Boxes, on average, hold 1 auto, 1 memorabilia, 3 premium edition cards, 1 numbered premium edition, 2 stickers, & more!

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Classics Football returns for the 2018 NFL season! Find a 300-card base set that features 100 cards each of veterans, legends of the game, and the newest rookies!

For the first time, find Classics Premium Edition parallels printed on Opti-Chrome technology! On average, every box of Classics delivers four Premium Edition parallels, one of which that is #’d/175 or less!

Find one autograph and one memorabilia card in every box of Classics, on average! Look for hard-signed Buybacks that include cards from 1988 to 2017!

Be on the lookout for Premium Edition autograph cards! Classic Combo Signatures features ten incredible pairings of legends of the game!

Look for the debut of Vintage Sticker inserts in Classics! Three different inserts can be found - Vintage Logos, Team Pennants and Award Winners! On average, every box of Classics will deliver two sticker inserts!

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