2017 Panini Phoenix NFL Trading Cards (Hobby)

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Phoenix Football returns to the hobby with each box containing 1 Rookie Autograph Jersey, 1 Veteran or Rookie Autograph, and 1 Memorabilia card!

Find oversized Rookie swatch autographs! Chase the Laundry Tag, Brand Logo and NFL Shield Parallels, all numbered to 3 or less! Look for 3 per inner case!

Look for brand-new Color Burst hot packs where every card in the pack is a parallel!

Hunt for Dual and Triple Autographs Swatches from the top stars in the NFL with the newest rookies inserted 1 per case!

Search for a 10-card Triumphant insert that highlights some of the greatest moments of Tom Brady’s career.

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2017 Panini Phoenix NFL Trading Cards comes with 5 cards per pack and 12 packs per box.

Boxes, on average, hold 2 autographed and 1 memorabilia card, 12 parallels, 9 inserts and 12 rookie cards. Each box guarantees 1 rookie auto jersey per box!

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