2016 Panini Dragon Ball Z Awakening Trading Cards (Hobby)

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2016 Panini Dragon Ball Z Awakening Trading Cards (Hobby)

2016 Dragon Ball Z Awakening Trading Cards includes 12/70 cards per pack, 24/10 packs per box.

Booster Box – 24 Rares, 8 Foil Parallels, Ultra Rares found every other box, Dragon Rares 1 per

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The battle with Cell comes to an action-packed conclusion in Dragon Ball Z: Awakening! The Earth’s greatest heroes battle against the villainous, perfect weapon in an elimination-style tournament, the Cell Games.

Introduce new players into the game with six different tournament-legal, pre-constructed starter decks. Each starter deck includes a 60-card deck, 4 parallels and 6 Prizm technology cards (4 Personality cards, a Mastery and a random parallel). Look for popular heroes such as Goku, Gohan, Trunks and more, as they battle against Cell.

Booster packs feature more than 140 brand-new cards that provide players with powerful tools for each deck type.

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