2016 Panini Afterworld Genesis: Starter Set

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2016 Afterworld Genesis: Starter Set includes 166 cards per pack, 1 pack per box.

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Each base game includes two 60-card decks (each individually cello wrapped), one 24-card territory deck (cello wrapped), one 10-card booster pack, two play mats, one rule book, 12 Commander cards, and six plastic stands (to hold the Commander cards).

Both base games include enough cards for two players to play a complete game with two factions: fierce Norse fighters against the mysterious Atlanteans, or the cunning Egyptians against the divine Japanese warriors.

The cards, rule book, box, and play mats contain beautiful original artwork.

Two different sets of rules, one for casual “out of the box” play and a streamlined version for tournament play will be included with each base game.

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