2016 Diamond Kings Baseball Trading Cards

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2016 Diamond Kings Baseball Trading Cards includes 8 cards per pack, 12 packs per box.

On average, each box will have 2 autographs or memorabilia.

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Look for memorabilia in DK Materials, DK Minis Materials Framed, Elements of Royalty, Masters of the Game and DK Materials Jumbo!

Look for 5 NEW memorabilia and autograph inserts with Elements of Royalty, Elements of Royalty Signatures, Limited Lithos Material, Limited Lithos Signature Materials and Diamond Deco!

Find autographs of top 2016 rookies in Rookies Signatures! Each card pairs an autograph with two swatches of players like Kyle Schwarber, Corey Seager and Miguel Sano!

Look for framed parallels of the base set, rookie cards, and inserts like Elements of Royalty, Limited Lithos, Studio Portraits, DK Materials, DK Signatures, Rookies Signatures and DK Mini Materials!

Check out a Photo Gallery of Diamond Kings Baseball cards here!

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